I think there are rare times in your life where you have a clear starting and stopping point.

Sure, you can do self-imposed deadlines, but life is a journey. You never really start or stop, because it always goes on and doesn’t end until you do.

This, however, is journey with two distinct bookends. Tomorrow my best friend Amy is getting married.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend of 2 years and another 10 years of friendship bought an engagement ring. He hasn’t given it to me yet, but I know I’m getting it. That means in September, 2018 I’m getting married.

I don’t know the date. Heck, I don’t even have the fiancee yet. But I know I’m not going to love how I look in Amy’s wedding pictures. I do, however, find it imperative that I love how I look in my own.

So this is:

  • Part weight loss blog (One of the big goals)
  • Part fitness blog (Strong is the new sexy)
  • Part running blog (I am addicted to race medals)
  • Part wedding blog (Duh)
  • Part budget and finance blog (Hoping to get in the green before we blow it all)

I want to write at least weekly and include video posts as well.

Get ready to get to know me!

500+ Days Until My Wedding!


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