My best friend got married this weekend. (By the way, I’m the brunette second from the right, to the bride’s left.)

I am so excited for her, and had a blast at the wedding. I also had a lot of chardonnay. And then I had a lot of greasy disgusting and carb-y recovery food.

And truthfully, I’m a little sad. Here’s why:

  1. I hate “starting new diets.” I feel like I “start fresh!” every few months. It’s always a reminder of how I didn’t achieve anything last time, and it’s a shot in the face that I’m just going to be fat forever.
  2. I enjoyed the hell out of my copious amounts of alcohol and junk food this weekend. I ate about a billion chicken nuggets. I had bagels for breakfast. I already mentioned the chardonnay. I had junky Mexican food and ate a Twix bar. All of those things are delightful.
  3. I haven’t done any running in over a week, and while I’m going back to the gym today, I don’t really look forward to it. I know well how my body likes to behave when I take too long off, and I bet I have. I do (kinda) enjoy running so I know I”ll get back there, but in the mean time… ugh. That first run back is going to suck.

I wasn’t nuts about the pudge in the pictures, and the eleven pairs of spanx I wore to look halfway decent in my bridesmaid’s dress, but the wedding was fun and it meant the world to me to be there for my friend and her family.

Today I resumed¬†the great habit of working out on my lunch break. I work on a college campus, so I have access to the student rec center and lovely, well maintained sidewalks, along with a pretty flexible boss who doesn’t mind if I take a longer lunch¬†as long as I make up my hours by coming in early or staying late. I’m really lucky!

I took about two weeks off from running while this wedding insanity was going on, and when I went to the gym today I was dreading it. I left off the 5k to 10k Week 2 Day 2. That day introduces tempo runs, which were pretty intense. There were only two 2-minute tempos, but they were new to me. Either way, I did it. I was dreading the workout, but my body took me through it, and I’m proud of it.

I’m going to try to get to the gym as often as my lunch break allows, and keep up my running. My next half marathon is the first week in June, and I’m excited for it!

More later…



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