I am so sick of blowing my nose and coughing.

Luckily both nostrils seem to be in working order, but my throat is still sore and I occasionally break into one of those embarrassing hacking fits. This morning the boyfriend and I biked up to brunch then biked to a local arts festival. We took about a 30 minute walk around, then walked through the festival… all told it was a solid 6-7ish miles biked and a good hour leisurely walk.

My energy was pretty much tapped out by then, so we went grocery shopping and after we put all of the groceries in the fridge (mostly berries on sale, love this time of year) we went to dinner where we discussed the most likely date for our wedding.

We settled on September 29, 2018. That’s not nailed down as we have literally spoken to no one and I don’t even have a ring on my finger yet, but it feels good to have at least a date in mind.

So now that today is over, that means we have 495 days until our wedding.

That’s 2.5 pounds a month. And keeping it off, of course.

With my being sick and still generally prone to excuse-making, I have done nothing about it this weekend.

Well that’s not true. Here’s what I did:

  • Started Deepak Chopra’s “What are you hungry for?” book on Audible
  • Realized that my mind/body/spirit connection sucks and that I spend a lot of time hating by body
  • Committed to a yoga class on Wednesday
  • Downloaded a meditation app for me to start trying in the mornings
  • Bought plenty of fresh foods for the week
  • Did a solid meal prep and plan for the week for both Keith and I
  • Biked and walked today, which truthfully was about all my body could handle while violently coughing and blowing my nose every few minutes
  • Got to bed at a reasonable time

Here are my goals for the week:

  1. Work out for 30 minutes four days a week
  2. Eat protein with every meal, a fruit or veg with every meal and snack
  3. Try a meditation course on the app at least four times in the morning

I feel good. Well still not quite physically, but good about the week ahead.

2.5 pounds a month until September, 2018. Totally doable, right?


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