I have a desk job.

As the collective “they” of the internet likes to share with all of us, sitting all day KILLS!

I work for an amazing organization that offers standing desks for their employees standard, so I try to stand every hour or so for an hour or 45 minutes.

I set my reminders on my phone to “crunches” at 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4pm. Sometimes I sub in minute long planks. I also add in 10 push ups each time. I just quietly close my door and knock them out, then open it again before anyone notices or walks by.

Last week I bought this under desk peddaler thing to keep my legs busy. It was only like, $30 and I bought my friend one a few Christmasses ago and she loved it.

I also try to walk to and from work on days it’s nice, and I try to hit up the gym at lunch.

All that sounds great, right! Let’s break it down.

I go MONTHS sometimes without changing the position on my desk. I need to be better about it, and I hate sitting for so long, honestly, but some days it just slips  my brain entirely.

Most days I do all four sets of crunches/planks and always feel good when I do. I’m on my third week,  and so far no real noticeable changes, but I’m going to keep at it.

The peddler has had a good first day, but my thighs aren’t exactly slim (yet) so there’s some chub rub there that I’m worried will set fire to my nice dress pants. But other than that, a good way to keep my legs moving while I work.

Getting to the gym at lunch is the hardest part. When I go I’m glad I go, but I haven’t gotten into the habit enough to love it yet. Plus my coworkers always say things like, “Wow you look so put together after a workout! I’m a hot mess! How do you do it? I could NEVER go to the gym at lunch.” The answer to that is: whatever wet wipes are on sale at TJ Maxx, dry shampoo, extra deodorant and about a billion squirts of baby powder.

Let me jump in and say that I am TREMENDOUSLY lucky. These resources like a gym available at my lunch break, a standing desk, or even an office door that closes are extremely rare. Heck, for the longest time in my career I didn’t even have a permanent desk to put anything under. Trust me, I do not take these things for granted.

I wish I could advise some of you on how to get in a burn like me, but I honestly don’t even know myself. Right now it’s just about setting the habits!

Okay I’m off to pedal for another few minutes and find some other blogs in the weight loss community to like and follow.

Have a happy Monday, everyone!


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