As you all know, the Bridal Bod is all about losing weight.

I saw an ad? Maybe a Pinterest post? I can’t remember where I saw it, but I came across a product called the Self Journal. It’s available here:

Although I’ve had many journals in my life, and have done many many versions of goal setting, both successful and unsuccessful, I thought I’d give it a try.

Today is my first day using it and tracking three goals: one personal, one professional, and my end-of-year goal of being down 14 lbs. (Truthfully I wouldn’t mind losing a little more than that, but I figure that’s a good start for the remaining 4.5 months.)

It’s only been one day, so I can’t really report on whether or not it works, but I will say that I feel very set up for success and frankly more organized and optimistic than I’ve ever felt at the beginning of a goal check in.

I spent some “me” time yesterday plotting out goals, what they look and feel like, and how to achieve them. I felt good when I had it all written down; confident, happy, and poised to start a new journey, or continue to charge ahead as the case may be with the weight thing.

The journal has you plot out basically every hour of the day. Don’t worry, it’s really clear that leisure and rest time is important, so I scheduled a few hours of that in too. I expected my day to go off the rails immediately, but surprisingly I’ve stayed on track. I ever scheduled time for this blog entry.

I’ll let you know how it’s going, but check out the Self Journal at The shopping experience was pleasant, it’s clear and easy to use, and I am totally adoring the organization and positive, realistic feel.



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