As you all know, the Bridal Bod is all about losing weight.

I saw an ad? Maybe a Pinterest post? I can’t remember where I saw it, but I came across a product called the Self Journal. It’s available here: bestself.co

Although I’ve had many journals in my life, and have done many many versions of goal setting, both successful and unsuccessful, I thought I’d give it a try.

Today is my first day using it and tracking three goals: one personal, one professional, and my end-of-year goal of being down 14 lbs. (Truthfully I wouldn’t mind losing a little more than that, but I figure that’s a good start for the remaining 4.5 months.)

It’s only been one day, so I can’t really report on whether or not it works, but I will say that I feel very set up for success and frankly more organized and optimistic than I’ve ever felt at the beginning of a goal check in.

I spent some “me” time yesterday plotting out goals, what they look and feel like, and how to achieve them. I felt good when I had it all written down; confident, happy, and poised to start a new journey, or continue to charge ahead as the case may be with the weight thing.

The journal has you plot out basically every hour of the day. Don’t worry, it’s really clear that leisure and rest time is important, so I scheduled a few hours of that in too. I expected my day to go off the rails immediately, but surprisingly I’ve stayed on track. I ever scheduled time for this blog entry.

I’ll let you know how it’s going, but check out the Self Journal at bestself.co. The shopping experience was pleasant, it’s clear and easy to use, and I am totally adoring the organization and positive, realistic feel.



No Wedding for Us, and that’s great news.


  1. We got officially engaged. Yay!
  2. I immediately started getting inundated with advice
  3. Advice quickly turned to demands
  4. I started to get stressed out, even with only hearing from friends/family and googling wedding stuff
  5. Stress created tension in myself, job, relationship
  6. Decided stress was not a desirable outcome
  7. Decided to plan an elopement for next fall instead of a wedding
  8. Immediate relief for myself and fiancee
  9. All but a couple of people were happy for us and celebrated

As a few of my older friends have pointed out, this isn’t a “true” elopement. Our union is blessed and celebrated by family, and nobody is holding any shotguns (not that it would even been necessary, for goodness sake, it’s 2017!) This is more of a “running away to get married” thing. Without anyone there.

As I said, like 98% of our friends and family have expressed the following sentiments:

  • Good for you!
  • That sounds perfect.
  • Saving money- smart!
  • I wish I had done that.
  • It’s YOUR day. Do what YOU want!
  • Take lots of pictures! We can’t wait to celebrate when you get back!

Now almost everyone expressed a little sadness along with their overwhelming joy and support that they won’t be there for the actual vows. I get that. My BFF and her husband eloped and had a ceremony later and I was sad that I missed the vow moment. But ultimately, I am so happy that they did it their way, they’re happy, and started their life together on their terms. And there is a little residual static from a few people, but they love us and want us to be happy and will figure out in time that this was the best move for us.

So why? Why would any American woman forego the taffeta orgy that is HER BIG DAY!?

It’s like, 75% due to money. My mom can help some, but 2017 is the debt repayment year and we are working really, really hard to do that. We live well and enjoy ourselves, but we definitely are making big payments on cars and credit cards so that we can start our lives together without debt (except for the house, of course.) And weddings are friggin’ expensive. Just starting to price things out for a wedding we wanted and I was at like, $15k easy. We don’t want to go into debt for what essentially amounts to a party.

The remaining 25% comes down to me not wanting the stress while running my normal life of work, personal goals, and eventually grad school. Add to the fact that our guest list was already flirting with 100+ people and that thought was overwhelming, then finally realizing that really, it’s our wedding. It’s about us. As long as our friends and family approve and support us and will enjoy our union along with us for the rest of our lives, I don’t see why that first moment is so important. That’s our moment. We’ll gladly share countless moments in our lives together with everyone else.

I will say that of course I was raised like every other American girl, watching movies and reading Seventeen magazine and fantasizing about my wedding day. If $15k dropped out of the sky and landed on my desk, I’d consider throwing a wedding. But honestly, the pure relief and joy I have thinking about NOT having a wedding is worth more and I’m sure after talking with the groom-to-be, we’d probably use that cash for home renovations.

I love weddings. I am always glad to be a guest, am honored to have been a bridesmaid four times, and a maid of honor once. But this is the right choice for us and I haven’t doubted that for a second.

A Little Trip Off the Wagon

Anyone who has ever tried and kind of diet plan knows about the wagon. If they’ve been attempting said diet (or any combination of diets) he or she may find themselves gauging their day on their relationship to the wagon. This is definitely true for me. I’m on the wagon. I’m off the wagon. I’m taking a flying leap off the wagon. I’m on the wagon contemplating my escape because the wagon sucks and isn’t going anywhere. I’m being dragged behind the wagon. And so on.

I don’t love the wagon analogy, personally. First of all, it indicates that there’s a clear-cut “right” or “wrong” way to do things. We’re each different, and even though I do believe in CICO (calories in/calories out) I do think that everyone has a different story and a different journey and who knows what the heck is up with our bodies. What works for might not work for someone else, and vice versa. Secondly, isn’t walking next to the wagon healthier anyway?

Anyway over the last week or so I’ve been on and off, so to speak. I read somewhere that the only real goal is to have more good days than bad ones, so that’s what I’m striving for. In order to inspire positive action (and more “on” days than “off”) I have joined my first DietBet.

Basically I bet $35 on myself- that I would lose 4% of my body weight in the month of June. That’s a little over 7 pounds. I’m excited about the monetary  motivation of splitting the pot with the other 4% losers, although I don’t actually believe I can or will do it. That’s more than I’ve lost at all this year. But I am trying to think more positively. 5 pounds down would be good news. Plus it is motivating me to get to the gym and be more conscientious about what I eat, which is a good thing.

I don’t think I’ll be 100% “on the wagon” this month. There are vacations, stresses, and other fun stuff absolutely determined to throw me off. But I am going to try! Anyone else tried a DietBet? Did you find it a positive experience? Comment, please, and let me know!

Working out at Work

I have a desk job.

As the collective “they” of the internet likes to share with all of us, sitting all day KILLS!

I work for an amazing organization that offers standing desks for their employees standard, so I try to stand every hour or so for an hour or 45 minutes.

I set my reminders on my phone to “crunches” at 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4pm. Sometimes I sub in minute long planks. I also add in 10 push ups each time. I just quietly close my door and knock them out, then open it again before anyone notices or walks by.

Last week I bought this under desk peddaler thing to keep my legs busy. It was only like, $30 and I bought my friend one a few Christmasses ago and she loved it.

I also try to walk to and from work on days it’s nice, and I try to hit up the gym at lunch.

All that sounds great, right! Let’s break it down.

I go MONTHS sometimes without changing the position on my desk. I need to be better about it, and I hate sitting for so long, honestly, but some days it just slips  my brain entirely.

Most days I do all four sets of crunches/planks and always feel good when I do. I’m on my third week,  and so far no real noticeable changes, but I’m going to keep at it.

The peddler has had a good first day, but my thighs aren’t exactly slim (yet) so there’s some chub rub there that I’m worried will set fire to my nice dress pants. But other than that, a good way to keep my legs moving while I work.

Getting to the gym at lunch is the hardest part. When I go I’m glad I go, but I haven’t gotten into the habit enough to love it yet. Plus my coworkers always say things like, “Wow you look so put together after a workout! I’m a hot mess! How do you do it? I could NEVER go to the gym at lunch.” The answer to that is: whatever wet wipes are on sale at TJ Maxx, dry shampoo, extra deodorant and about a billion squirts of baby powder.

Let me jump in and say that I am TREMENDOUSLY lucky. These resources like a gym available at my lunch break, a standing desk, or even an office door that closes are extremely rare. Heck, for the longest time in my career I didn’t even have a permanent desk to put anything under. Trust me, I do not take these things for granted.

I wish I could advise some of you on how to get in a burn like me, but I honestly don’t even know myself. Right now it’s just about setting the habits!

Okay I’m off to pedal for another few minutes and find some other blogs in the weight loss community to like and follow.

Have a happy Monday, everyone!

Meal Prep, Fighting Illness, and a (sorta) Date

I am so sick of blowing my nose and coughing.

Luckily both nostrils seem to be in working order, but my throat is still sore and I occasionally break into one of those embarrassing hacking fits. This morning the boyfriend and I biked up to brunch then biked to a local arts festival. We took about a 30 minute walk around, then walked through the festival… all told it was a solid 6-7ish miles biked and a good hour leisurely walk.

My energy was pretty much tapped out by then, so we went grocery shopping and after we put all of the groceries in the fridge (mostly berries on sale, love this time of year) we went to dinner where we discussed the most likely date for our wedding.

We settled on September 29, 2018. That’s not nailed down as we have literally spoken to no one and I don’t even have a ring on my finger yet, but it feels good to have at least a date in mind.

So now that today is over, that means we have 495 days until our wedding.

That’s 2.5 pounds a month. And keeping it off, of course.

With my being sick and still generally prone to excuse-making, I have done nothing about it this weekend.

Well that’s not true. Here’s what I did:

  • Started Deepak Chopra’s “What are you hungry for?” book on Audible
  • Realized that my mind/body/spirit connection sucks and that I spend a lot of time hating by body
  • Committed to a yoga class on Wednesday
  • Downloaded a meditation app for me to start trying in the mornings
  • Bought plenty of fresh foods for the week
  • Did a solid meal prep and plan for the week for both Keith and I
  • Biked and walked today, which truthfully was about all my body could handle while violently coughing and blowing my nose every few minutes
  • Got to bed at a reasonable time

Here are my goals for the week:

  1. Work out for 30 minutes four days a week
  2. Eat protein with every meal, a fruit or veg with every meal and snack
  3. Try a meditation course on the app at least four times in the morning

I feel good. Well still not quite physically, but good about the week ahead.

2.5 pounds a month until September, 2018. Totally doable, right?

Lessons Learned: Lunchtime Workouts and the Bridal Bod

I’m not as consistent in my workouts as I should be. Therefore I frequently find myself surprised at what happens to my body when I workout. What happened to me this week is a fine example.

On Monday at lunch I ran close to three miles, and it was not a necessarily an easy run. There were speed intervals in there where I pushed myself really hard, and it had been about a week and a half since I last ran. MONTHS since I last ran at lunch.

Tuesday I ran a solid 30 minutes. No speed work, but a good steady run.

Wednesday I had a sore throat. My coworkers chased me out of the office with Lysol.

Today I stayed home sick and napped while Netflix played in the background.

So besides running by body into a common cold (which tends to happen when anyone burns the candle at both ends like I’ve been doing) I have been basically constantly starving. A hungry hungry hippo. That’s led to some pretty messy small-scale binges.

There’s not a lot I can really do about it right now. I mean it’s been eaten, and I could beat myself up with guilt but all that will do is make me resent this journey and make the junk food look all the more better. I can’t really counter act it with exercise at this point, as crappy as I’m feeling. I’m sure the cold will blow over in a day or two and I’ll be back to my good habits again, but one of the things I’m working on is being nicer to myself.

So here are my affirmations:

  1. I do not hate myself for what I ate today. I will have days where I don’t meet my nutritional goals, but the most important thing overall is to have more good days than bad ones.
  2. I am proud of my strong body for fighting this cold and carrying me through my miles this week. I will treat it well and reward it with good nutrition and healthy habits.
  3. Regardless of my side or weight, I will be a beautiful bride.

I got on the scale on Wednesdays (my new official weigh day) and I was up a few pounds. Whether that was junk food bloat from the wedding weekend, some kind of scale activity from the increased workouts or just plain old water weight I don’t know, but I’m anxious to have it gone!

Onto Friday and the weekend with a fuzzy head and renewed goals. 470-something days until my wedding, and 40 lbs to lose. I can do it!

Wedding Weekend! Or… the official start

My best friend got married this weekend. (By the way, I’m the brunette second from the right, to the bride’s left.)

I am so excited for her, and had a blast at the wedding. I also had a lot of chardonnay. And then I had a lot of greasy disgusting and carb-y recovery food.

And truthfully, I’m a little sad. Here’s why:

  1. I hate “starting new diets.” I feel like I “start fresh!” every few months. It’s always a reminder of how I didn’t achieve anything last time, and it’s a shot in the face that I’m just going to be fat forever.
  2. I enjoyed the hell out of my copious amounts of alcohol and junk food this weekend. I ate about a billion chicken nuggets. I had bagels for breakfast. I already mentioned the chardonnay. I had junky Mexican food and ate a Twix bar. All of those things are delightful.
  3. I haven’t done any running in over a week, and while I’m going back to the gym today, I don’t really look forward to it. I know well how my body likes to behave when I take too long off, and I bet I have. I do (kinda) enjoy running so I know I”ll get back there, but in the mean time… ugh. That first run back is going to suck.

I wasn’t nuts about the pudge in the pictures, and the eleven pairs of spanx I wore to look halfway decent in my bridesmaid’s dress, but the wedding was fun and it meant the world to me to be there for my friend and her family.

Today I resumed the great habit of working out on my lunch break. I work on a college campus, so I have access to the student rec center and lovely, well maintained sidewalks, along with a pretty flexible boss who doesn’t mind if I take a longer lunch as long as I make up my hours by coming in early or staying late. I’m really lucky!

I took about two weeks off from running while this wedding insanity was going on, and when I went to the gym today I was dreading it. I left off the 5k to 10k Week 2 Day 2. That day introduces tempo runs, which were pretty intense. There were only two 2-minute tempos, but they were new to me. Either way, I did it. I was dreading the workout, but my body took me through it, and I’m proud of it.

I’m going to try to get to the gym as often as my lunch break allows, and keep up my running. My next half marathon is the first week in June, and I’m excited for it!

More later…


Behold the Bridal Bod

I think there are rare times in your life where you have a clear starting and stopping point.

Sure, you can do self-imposed deadlines, but life is a journey. You never really start or stop, because it always goes on and doesn’t end until you do.

This, however, is journey with two distinct bookends. Tomorrow my best friend Amy is getting married.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend of 2 years and another 10 years of friendship bought an engagement ring. He hasn’t given it to me yet, but I know I’m getting it. That means in September, 2018 I’m getting married.

I don’t know the date. Heck, I don’t even have the fiancee yet. But I know I’m not going to love how I look in Amy’s wedding pictures. I do, however, find it imperative that I love how I look in my own.

So this is:

  • Part weight loss blog (One of the big goals)
  • Part fitness blog (Strong is the new sexy)
  • Part running blog (I am addicted to race medals)
  • Part wedding blog (Duh)
  • Part budget and finance blog (Hoping to get in the green before we blow it all)

I want to write at least weekly and include video posts as well.

Get ready to get to know me!

500+ Days Until My Wedding!